XC Practice and FAQs

2016 Cross Country (XC) Practice Information and FAQ

Head Coach: Woody Woodhouse  

Practice Location: Tigard HS (meet at entrance to the track) 



Q: What is Tigard Youth Track-Cross Country (XC)?

A: Tigard Youth Track’s purpose is to give youth in the community the opportunity to train and compete as part of the experience of Track & Field, in order to promote the ideals of: Teamwork, Good Sportsmanship, Good Citizenship, and Honorable Character.


Q: What is USATF?

A: USATF (United States Association of Track & Field) is the governing body for track and field in the US. We are a member organization and all registered athletes will obtain USATF membership in conjunction with their TYT membership if the go on to compete at the XC State and Regional meet.


Cost of that membership is $20.00

Q: Cost of XC?

A: $50.00 registration fee.

If you want a competition compression top it’s an additional $25.00.


Q: How do I register?

A: Please fill out the Registration form, Medical Release and apparel order form that are posted under the XC tab on the website.

***All NEW athletes with Tigard Youth Track will need to submit a Birth Certificate with their registration.

Please mail the forms and payment to Tigard Youth Track

Ryen Boyd

7030 SW Kelsi Terrace

Portland, Oregon 97223


Once we receive your registration forms, we will send a confirmation via email, along with a complete practice schedule.



Q: When does practice start?

A: Practice starts on August 23rd, 2016.


Q: What do I need to bring to practice?

A: Please bring water, sweatshirt, running tights or rain gear for colder days.


Q: What days do we practice?

A: Practice will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm to 7:15pm (until we lose light, then we will move time earlier).

(No practice on Labor Day)


Q: How far will my kids run during practice?

A: The kids will start with a SPARQ conditioning warm-up, then move to a 2-4 mile run depending on current training abilities.


Q: When/Where are the XC meets?

A: Meets are around the Portland Metro area; occasionally will travel to Salem or Eugene for a meet. The meet schedule will be published as soon as it becomes available.


Q: Is my child expected to compete at all XC meets?

A: No – we encourage participation at meets but it is not required.


Q: Do parents need to remain at the field during practice?

A: No- parents can leave and return at 7:15 PM to pick up their kids. Coaches carry cell phones on the training runs if you need to reach them.



Q: What are the age requirements for participation?

A: Tigard Youth Track XC is open to 11-12 (birth year 2003-2004) and older. Younger Kids with prior mid/long distance experience, please contact TYT to discuss options. You must have permission from the Head Coach if you are under 11.


Q: Will my child(ren) compete against other children their age?

A: As in most competitive sports there are age divisions for competition. There are six distinct age divisions in USATF.


Q: How are age divisions determined for competition?

A: Age divisions are determined by USATF.

9-10 = 2005-2006

11-12 = 2003-2004

13-14= 2001-2002

15-16 = 1999-2000



Q: When do I get my uniform?

A: If you are competing in a meet you can purchase a TYT compression shirt that will be your uniform top. You may wear any pair of shorts during competition.


Q: What is the cost of a uniform?

A: Compression tops are $25.00 and can be purchased on the first day of practice or by using the apparel order form in the registration packet. If you have a grey compression top from Track season, you are welcome to wear that.